BLOG: Apprenticeship drive attracts aspiring construction workers

The city of Compton sought to increase construction employment at its inaugural “Apprentice Drive” on Feb. 18.

Compton Careerlink Worksource Center and the Community Redevelopment Agency partnered to host the drive.

Sixty aspiring workers attended the event held at the Worksource Center.

The drive provided information about several construction projects in Compton. It also facilitated registration for the State of California’s Apprenticeship Program, according to the Los Angeles Sentinel.

Workers must complete the state apprenticeship program in order to work on a licensed construction project.

“The information and resources to be shared will be able to be used to obtain work anywhere in the state, not just here in the Hub City,” reported the Compton Bulletin.

But the Apprenticeship Drive favoured Compton’s construction projects and residents.

“As long as [the participants] are training and will get certified, they most likely will be able to work,” said Shana Bishop, a Compton Careerlink employee. “Especially the Compton residents. They get first dibs.”

Compton Bulletin editor Allison Jean Eaton commented on the many positives of the program on Hub City Livin’.

“Everyone who attends and signs up for the program will get priority noticing on all city-funded and city-sponsored construction projects. This means they will be alerted about job bids a full week before the job bids go public, giving them a leg up on landing a job,” Eaton said.

And these job opportunities could not come at a better time.

Compton’s unemployment rate was 20.5 percent as of December. Trade union representatives saying as many as 20 to 50 percent of their members are out of work, according to an article in the Compton Bulletin.

Bishop credits the drive’s popularity to these high unemployment rates.

“People are hungry and looking for employment. So that if there’s a job or a foot in the door for a job, people are interested,” Bishop said.

These jobs will also benefit the city of Compton. It is currently constructing a transit center, a senior center, and a parking structure, reported the Compton Bulletin.

Bishop said the “Apprenticeship Drive” was a success. She said the Compton Careerlink plans to host another drive.


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  2. Over 1 year later…..How many jobs were created? People certified? Last I checked developers were having a hard time finding qualified workers in Compton.

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