BLOG: Compton competes for art services funds

Help the City of Compton establish the Hub Heritage, Culture and Art Gallery!

Under the sponsorship of RAY’s Recycler, Inc., Compton is vying for ART 4 ALL funding from the Pepsi Corporation.

On January 13, the Pepsi Corporation launched its Refresh America Campaign. The campaign has committee millions of dollars to fund art programs and galleries.

RAY’s Recycler, Inc. is requesting $50,000 for the Hub Heritage, Culture and Art Gallery.

It hopes that the gallery will provide a wide array of art services to Compton, including:

*A Public Culture and Art Center
*An Anti-Graffiti Mural Program
*Art Classes and Cultural Exhibits
*A Community Arts Newsletter
*Technical and Financial Assistance for Artists
*An Art Registry for Community Artists

Hub City Livin’ reported that the gallery will also “provide alternative to gang and drug activity, support local artists, provide art framing and matting services, and share positive perspectives with different ethnic cultures through visual arts, spoken word and music.”

Ray Fox, a contributor to Hub City Livin’, said in an article, “The [Hub Heritage, Culture and Art Gallery] will become one of Compton’s most vital and important community cultural resource.”

But it needs your vote.

Voting to determine the allocation of funds is taking place during the month of March.

To vote, go here.

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