FROM THE WORKSHOP: Taking responsibility for low performing schools

Listen to South LA resident Anita Thomas, and Compton residents Maurice Harrington and Ron Dowell: Are South LA schools failing our children, and if so, why?



  1. Los Angeles Teacher says:

    School is not a business and kids are not Model T’s! The business model of running schools has failed.

    Volunteer in your child’s school, buy them books instead of electronic devices, figure out why good teachers are leaving and start looking at yourselves.

  2. genuine22 says:

    I also think that schools are failing the children. I have seen a lot of children that are not taught well enough. Maybe the curriculum is not really good or maybe the teachers are not doing their best. It is actually a very good question and this was also asked on the Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in connection with the topic How to Become a Millionaire.

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