Giants fan remains in critical condition

Listen to an audio story by Annenberg Radio News:


Trenise Ferreira: Bryan Stow has been in a coma since he was brutally attacked outside of Dodger Stadium on March 31. He suffered a brain injury as well as a fractured skull. Doctors had to remove part of his skull to reduce the swelling. Stow’s neurosurgeon, Dr. Gabriel Zada, gave an update on Stow’s condition today at the Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medial Center.

image Dr. Gabrial Zada: “And he required a life-saving operation to decompress the brain and reduce the pressures, which was successful. However, since that time, he has remained in a comatose state, and our medical team has done and is doing everything to ensure that the most optimal outcome that is possible is achieved.”

Ferreira: Stow’s cousin, John Stow, was also at the news conference. He said the family does not hold this violent act against the people of Los Angeles. Instead, he thanks the community for its support in this difficult time.

Stow: “To know that people who have never met Brian that care so much about him and his well-being has truly been overwhelming.”

Ferreira: He also said that he hopes the men behind this attack will fess up to what they have done.

Stow: “I hope somehow deep in their heart or their friends or whoever it is that knows who did this, that they would at least have the courage to come forward now and face what they’ve done. It’s bad enough that they hit him, but at least come forward and have the courage to face the facts and face the book for what you’ve done here.”

Ferreira: Dr. Zada said by next week, they’ll have a better idea of Stow’s prognosis, but for now, it’s too early to tell. Dr. Zada also said the recovery will be very intensive, and that it’s possible there will be some brain dysfunction going forward.


  1. dentist farmington says:

    As a community we need to be willing to make sure those responsible for these types of acts are going to be held responsible. The last thing we need is to have those willing to perpetrate violence feeling that we do not concern ourselves enough to turn them in.

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