South LA Hack-a-Thon

South LA Hack-a-Thon
Kids, teenagers and adults had the chance to explore the world of computer programming and design at the Urban TxT (Urban Teens Xploring Technology) South LA hack-a-thon at the Normandie Christian School on Saturday, April 13.

The event featured sessions on data digging and web development, computer program, STEM career paths, solutions for broadband in South Los Angeles and emerging technologies. It brought together community residents, college students and professionals.

IMG_0249“Almost 70% of homes in South LA lack Internet access,” according to Urban TxT founder Oscar Menjivar.  “Schools donʼt have the infrastructure they need for students to be successful in life, and there is a racial divide that we need to overcome.”

Urban TxT has a campaign on until April 17th for a $100,000 grant from Good Maker to establish a hacker space in South LA South LA hack-a-thon that would provide technology and know-how to people who want to collaborate and address social issues using computer programming and website design.  

Click hereSouth LA Hack-a-Thon to vote for Urban TxT in its Good Maker campaign and to read more about its plans to bridge the digital divide in South LA. Voting continues until April 17th.

To find out more about the work of Urban TxT, visit its Facebook page and its website.

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