South LA inspires local artist to create cardboard neighborhood

imageMetal bars across windows and handwritten signs selling churros might not sound beautiful to some people, but one artist was inspired to create art out of these every day images.

Ana Serrano used seemingly dull features of life and created something spectacular from them.

Serrano built an almost life-sized neighborhood out of cardboard, complete with buildings and shops inspired by what she saw in South LA’s neighborhoods.

“Salon of Beauty,” now open at the Rice University Art Gallery in Houston, Texas, is the result of years of careful planning and hard work by Serrano, a first generation Mexican-American.

Every detail of “Salon of Beauty” is intricately designed out of cardboard – from the tiled roofs to the frosting on the wedding cake displays.

Even though “Salon of Beauty” replicates some familiar places for LA natives, Serrano believes that these pieces could also be universal.

“For the exhibit I wasn’t trying to replicate a specific city, but I do get most of my inspiration from Los Angeles because it’s what’s around me,” Serrano said. “I think that the elements I include in the exhibition can be found all around the world.”

Check out this short film profiling Ana Serrano’s work:

Salon of Beauty from Mark & Angela Walley on Vimeo.

For more information about Serrano’s “Salon of Beauty” exhibit, click here.

Salon of Beauty, 2011
Commissioned by Rice University Art Gallery, Houston, Texas
Photos: Nash Baker

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