Holiday bargains at the Fashion District

The buzzing market that sprawls from Los Angeles Street to San Pedro Street between 9th and 12th Streets is home to some of the best bargains in Los Angeles, especially if you know how to haggle. Be prepared to do a lot of walking, and don’t forget to re-fuel with a bacon-wrapped hot dog for $3.

Santee Alley and the Fashion District are open during the week until sundown. Parking is available for $5 at various locations. On the weekend, prices for parking and goods tend to inflate, so for the cheapest deals, shop Monday to Friday.

Here are some of the everyday deals that are easy to find on every street corner:

imagePack of 7 men’s undershirts: $10

Simple, but useful. And at $1.40 per shirt, this bargain beats even the cheapest stores. Ross Dress for Less is currently selling undershirts at 6 for $19.99.

imagePack of 24 pairs of socks: $10

Socks may not be the most exciting of stocking stuffers, but the holidays are the time to replenish your supply. This deal works out to around 40 cents per pair. Take a walk around and you may even find 27 pairs for $10.

imageMix and match jewelry: 6 pieces for $5

The vast array of beads, rings, necklaces and headbands is one of the Fashion District’s biggest pulls. A couple of places offer 6 items for $5, while most sell their goods at $1 each. Jewelry and accessories are perfect stocking stuffers for girls and women alike.

imageToys: from $5 to $15

Find dolls, video games, backpacks, action figures and clothing for the little ones, for a fraction of the regular retail price.

imageBling rings: $1

Another great stocking stuffer for girls, these rings come in all shapes and colors, from “bling” to hippy chic. Most of the rings have adjustable bands too, so you’ll get the right size every time.

Found some bargains you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below:


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