Music Man Murray’s holds a collection of records and memories

Murray Gershenz talks to musician son Irv, who helps him with the store.

Murray Gershenz has been a music collector since he was 16. He finally turned his hobby into a professional endeavor in 1962 when he opened his first record store in Hollywood.

As his record collection grew, he needed more space and moved to his current location in the West Adams area in 1986 at 5055 Exposition Boulevard just off La Brea.

Music Man Murray’s collection of 78-rpm discs, 45s, LPs, reel-to-reel, cassette tapes and CDs is now legendary.

He estimates the hundreds of thousands of records he owns are worth between $3 to $4 million dollars. He has been trying to sell his collection for the past two years, but hasn’t been able to get any offers. He’s looking to make at least $500,000.

Gershenz in an episode of “House.”

In recent years, Gershenz has been focusing on a new career: acting. He has landed small roles on movies such as “I Love You, Man” and “The Hangover,” and shows like “House” and “Mad Men.”

But the 90 year-old remains passionate about music and dedicated to his store, hoping a philanthropist will rescue his rare collection and donate it to a university, where his life’s work can be preserved.

Click below to watch an audio/slideshow of Music Man Murray tell his story and share some of his most memorable celebrity moments:

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