The Sandwich Smith a welcome addition to Little Tokyo

By Tanaya Ghosh

imageHave you ever eaten a savory sandwich on a doughnut bun? Yes, you heard right — a doughnut bun! It’s exactly the kind of bread you can find at Little Tokyo’s The Sandwich Smith.

Before you write off the idea of a doughnut surrounding your sandwich fillings, it might be best to explain the concept behind The Sandwich Smith.

The Sandwich Smith was inspired by a San Francisco business that’s part bakery, part deli. Every sandwich at The Sandwich Smith is custom-built — perfect for those picky eaters.

The restaurant is clean and bright inside. imageAt night, the mood shifts to a slightly fancier, more romantic atmosphere. The Sandwich Smith staff is extremely friendly, from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave.

Customers fill out a form to build their sandwiches.The options are plentiful, with everything from buttermilk fried chicken to bacon coleslaw available as toppings. A variety of side dishes round out The Sandwich Smith menu.

I topped my pulled pork sandwich with cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, pickled red onions, and sweet and sour coleslaw — all of it assembled on The Sandwich Smith’s doughnut bun.

imageThe doughnut bun didn’t look like an actual doughnut — more like a baked sandwich roll. ,It wasn’t sweet, but was soft and tasted great.

Wash down your sandwich with the Sandwich Smith’s Arnold Palmer — a mix of green tea and freshly- made lemonade. The drink was delicious and refreshing — a great complement to my pulled-pork sandwich.

Pull out your smartphone and check into the restaurant on Yelp to receive a free pastry.

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The Sandwich Smith is located at 362 E. 1st St. in Downtown Los Angeles’ Little Tokyo district. For more information, visit

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