Apartments offer studios for homeless and low-income people

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A series of unfortunate events left Robert Smith without money or a place to live. For years, he struggled with homelessness and economic instability. But now, he has his very own studio apartment.

“You ought to see my apartment,” Smith said. “I have my own bathroom. This is a big deal.”

Single Room Occupancy Housing Corporation celebrated the grand opening of its latest housing project. Renato Apartments offers 96 studio apartments on San Julian Street for homeless and low-income individuals.

Councilwoman Jan Perry was among local and congressional representatives attending the opening.

“This community has demonstrated that we believe in mixed income communities, and that they can and do do work,” Perry said.

There are still thousands of homeless across Los Angeles. But with Smith and others moving in to these new apartments, a small bite is taken out of homelessness in the city.


  1. Markus Ellis says:

    I Need An Affordable Apartment ASAP. im in the process of fighting for my son for custody. so this would help out.. i got low income..

  2. This is an amazing and inspiring story. It can sometimes be hard for people with low income to find a decent apartment or studio! I admire this program.

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