Transforming lives of Watts kids: one bike ride at a time

Javier Partida

Javier Partida, founder of Los Ryderz. | Astrid Solorzano

On Sunday, May 5, Javier Partida rode his bike around Watts with a group of 30 young adults that live in the area.

While approaching a red light at the intersection of 108th Street and Compton Avenue, Partida lifted his fist in the air to direct the rest of his bike squad behind him.

As the bikers behind him came to a stop, a man in a black Impala with tinted windows and silver rims stopped next to Partida.

“You’re doing a great thing for these youngsters, man,” the driver said. Partida nodded his head and replied, “I appreciate it, man. Good looking out.”

The light at the intersection turned green and the Impala sped off. “Everybody let’s go,” said Partida. “Don’t stay behind!”

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