Watts fresh food markets respond to community needs

Healthy food options are sprouting in Watts.

The riots that occurred in Watts in 1965 left the community without stable and reliable restaurants and other food establishments. As this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Watt’s Riots, the community continues to rebuild and grow. One of those things growing is a farmer’s market, an exciting solution for healthy foods in the Watts community. Check out this video below to see how health educators bring a fresh new perspective to food options in Watts

‘City of God’ revisited at Pan African Film Festival in South LA

Carla Osorio, Brazilian Producer, City of God -- Ten Years Later with friend, Yaw F.L. Davis, Founding Director of the Pan African Technical Association | Tiffany Walton

Carla Osorio, producer of City of God-Ten Years Later poses with a friend, Yaw F.L. Davis, Founding Director of the Pan African Technical Association. | Tiffany Walton

Rio de Janeiro has always made a splash as a travel destination, but when the 2002 feature film City of God made its way onto the big screens in Brazil and internationally, the world saw a different perspective of this tropical locale.

Movies with predominately Black casts were rarely seen. And the drug crime and violence taking place in Rio’s slums, or favelas, were elements that tourists often had no idea existed. [Read more…]

A homeless veteran, lost in the paper shuffle

Edwood | Tiffany Walton

Edwood Deaver and his papers. | Tiffany Walton

On this Veteran’s Day, 15,000 homeless veterans live in California, including 6,000 in Los Angeles County. One of these homeless veterans had been living across the street from me recently, allowed by a neighbor to sleep on her porch.

Edwood Deaver, 49, has been on an 11-year quest to get the Veteran’s Adminstration to cover his housing and disability costs. But a discrepancy over the length of his service has left him in limbo on the streets.

Listen below to my radio story on Deaver’s struggle to get the government to recognize his service.


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