Boy killed by ice-cream truck + South LA grandmother starts “Gang Talk” radio show


Christian Brown | ATVN

Memorial in honor of 7-year-old killed by ice cream truck in South LA | Christian Brown (ATVN)

Family disputes police account of ice-cream truck death: Grieving family of 7-year-old killed by an ice-cream truck on Wednesday dispute the police account that he was holding onto the truck while riding his bike and slipped and fell. (L.A. Times)

Woman stabbed to death over parking space: A man and woman from South L.A. have been arrested for stabbing a woman to death over a parking space at a swap meet. (L.A. Times)

Radio Show ‘Gang Talk’ takes on violence in South L.A.: Lita Herron, a grandmother in South L.A., has started a talk show to deal with gang violence in the community. (L.A. Times)

Young Black men in Crenshaw discuss racial profiling with Attorney General: A dozen young men shared their stories of racial profiling with Attorney General Eric Holder at the Brotherhood Crusade Youth Source Center in Crenshaw. (L.A. Times)

Saturday Garden event will promote health and food security: On Saturday October 25, community members and celebrity guests will celebrate a new community garden and athletic facility at a school in South L.A. (Business Wire)

Flaw in Jefferson High scheduling plan: Attorneys claim the plan to fix the scheduling fiasco at Jefferson High does not properly address why so many students were given two or more non-academic classes. (KPCC)



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