City officials hold press conference on assault at Dodger Stadium

Listen to an audio story by Annenberg Radio News:


The Giants fan who was attacked by two unidentified men on the Dodgers’ opening day remains in a medically induced coma.

City officials said they wanted the suspects responsible to own up. Councilmen Ed Reyes, whose district includes Dodger Stadium, had a stern message for the attackers.

“[To the] cowards who did this, I know you’re listening,” Reyes said. “I know you’re out there. You have to know that we will find you. We will track you down. You’re better off turning yourself in.”

The victim, Bryan Stow, suffered major head injuries. Doctors said he will likely have brain damage. His family was at the press conference, but they didn’t speak. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa offered his sympathies to them.

“I can safely say, on behalf of virtually every single resident, and there are almost 4 million of them here in the city of Los Angeles, that we can say to the Stow family that our hearts and prayers are with you and your family in this very difficult time,” he said.

imageVillaraigosa also spoke on behalf of the family who told him they know the attack doesn’t reflect the Dodger spirit. However, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said things will be changing at Dodger games.

“There’s a homestand next week,” Beck said. “If you go to that homestand, you’re going to see a sea of blue, and it’s not going to be Dodger Blue. It’s going to be LAPD blue. Public safety in this city is my responsibility, and I will make sure I expend whatever resource necessary to keep fans safe at Dodger Stadium.”

LAPD said they believe at least 100 people witnessed the assault. Currently, the reward stands at $100,000 for the suspects. Officials encourage those with information to call 1-877-LAPD.


  1. I have attended a number of Giants vs Dodgers games at Dodger Stadium over the years and the have seen the security situation deteriorate badly over the past 10 years or so. Lots of drunk punks hanging out in the parking lot. Many appear to have not even gone to the game. Just losers looking to cheap shot someone.

    It used to be at Candelstick park a Dodger fan sitting in the bleachers would get a lot of _hit. and there were a lot of drunken fights between Giants and visiting Dodger fans. Not the case at A.T.& T. Park. Security is pretty good and while many Dodger fans may get a bit of razing they are not physically threatened. Security, including S.F.P.D., has a good presence and will eject and arrest the trouble makers.

    I heard today that the owners, who are going through a divorce, pulled $108 Million dollars out of the organization over a 5 year period to spend on themselves and all the lousy Dodger organization can donate for the reward leading to the capture of these two cowardly low lives is $25,000! What a joke! I hope the Stow family sues the hell out the the Dodger organization. They should be held accountable for the lack of security… They have know about it for many years… Come on Dodgers Organization step up to the plate with a sizable reward and support for Bryan Stow and his family. You look really bad right now!!

  2. Mayor Villaraigosa thinks this is a teachable moment. His teachable moment came last week when he was forced to pay nearly $42,000 in fines for failing to disclose freebies to attend Los Angeles games last week. I dont know how we can expect the general public to be law abiding when he dont do the right thing in his own life.

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