West Adams church fire aftermath

Firefighters follow up at the Church fire.

Firefighters follow up at the Church fire.

Burnt fragments of wood and stained glass are all that remain after the fire destroyed Crouch Memorial Church of God in Christ in West Adams.¬†Today, construction workers sawed off what was left of the roofless structure. The Los Angeles Fire Department continued its evaluation of Tuesday’s fire that injured three firefighters. Chief Flegal of the Battalion 1 unit revisited the scene today.

To hear observations from Flegal and other onlookers, listen to an audio story from Annenberg Radio News:

Damage from the fire was extensive and parts of the building collapsed altogether. The historic church was originally built in the late 1800’s and has been central to the West Adams community.

Inspection records show the building was in compliance with fire codes. Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey says it appeared to be accidental however no official cause of the fire has been reported.

Neighbors and parishioners say they hope and pray they can rebuild. At this point, the church hasn’t determined where it will hold mass on Sunday.

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