Hogan-Rowles advocates a run-off election

imageWhile incumbent Bernard Parks celebrated his supposed victory early Wednesday morning, opponent Forescee Hogan-Rowles said emphatically, “It’s not over.”

Parks garnered 50.89 percent of the vote to Hogan-Rowles’s 43.99 percent. But with 1,800 to 3,000 ballots yet to be counted in Los Angeles City Council District 8, Hogan-Rowles still believes in the possibility of a run-off election.

“While the results of the election are inconclusive as of tonight, I’m proud that we’ve got Bernard Parks on the ropes,” said Hogan-Rowles in a statement Wednesday. “And he’s desperately swinging and missing.

“Given the trends we saw as the results came in tonight, we are in a position to force a runoff.”

Parks’ press secretary Dennis Gleason told Neon Tommy that while the Parks respects Hogan-Rowles’ desire to see all the votes counted, the results of the election will most likely stay the same.

“Based on our number-crunching last night, she would have to get somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 percent of the remaining ballots,” Gleason said.

Hogan-Rowles expects the final ballot count will come out late Wednesday.

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  1. Parks campaign apparently can’t do math.

    With Parks only having a 279 vote advantage over his two challengers, the two challengers collectively would need somewhere between 54-58% of the absentee and provisional ballots, not 70%, to get into a runoff.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Is that an Annenberg camera I see in the background? smile

  3. Last count of the ballots was that he had over a 1000 vote lead, if there are 1800 ballots left she would need about a 75-80% of those ballots to go to her in order to get a runoff and the trend was Hogan-Rowles not getting above 45%

  4. Rosetta Birt Broomfield says:

    Thank you for your report. I am very interested in this election. Your publication has provided the best account of this close 8th district race that I’ve seen. Fight on!

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