Metamorphosis launches MetaConnects

Universities are troves of academic information.  But often, the fate of research is to collect dust in the filing cabinets of professors.  Meanwhile, community organizations struggle to get adequate research.  USC’s Metamorphosis Project from the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism aims to bridge this gap with the launch of their new website MetaConnects.

MetaConnects is an online platform offering a wealth of information on community patterns, relationships and media consumption.  It was created as a way for academic researchers to share this knowledge with community-based practitioners. 

“We are all devoted to social change and social justice,” MetaConnects says on its website,“ and MetaConnects provides a space to share research findings, strategies, tools, and innovative collaborative projects in pursuit of these goals.”

For over a decade, the Metamophosis Project has studied how residents from diverse Los Angeles neighborhoods communicate and what media sources they learn about their communities.  You can see the results of these studies on their website.

In addition to the website, MetaConnects has an e-mail listserv, ongoing discussions, workshops and events.

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