Bus Riders Union superhero El Pasajero protests proposed fare increase

Subway and bus rides could soon cost significantly more, if Metro carries out its new budget proposals.

Under one plan, the $1.50 base fare would rise to $1.75 in September, and increase to $2 by 2017 and $2.25 by 2021. An alternative plan would lift the fare at peak hours to $2.25 in September, and $2.75 in 2017 with fares reaching as high as $3.25 in 2021. Visit Metro’s website to see other fare increase proposals.

According to the Los Angeles Bus Riders Union, the increases will have dramatic consequences for L.A.’s low-income communities.

Metro has reported that its riders earn an average income of $16, 250 — just one third of the average across the county.

Last week, we witnessed one particularly creative way of protesting the potential rise in public transportation fares on a street in South L.A. … click play to watch.

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