Nonprofit Spotlight: Inside Out Community Arts

Photo Courtesy of Inside Out Community Arts

Courtesy of Inside Out Community Arts

Intersections’ Nonprofit Spotlight series profiles South L.A. organizations that are propelling positive change in South L.A. _________________________________________________________________________

The children paint their flats on a camping trip | Photo Courtesy of Inside Out Community Arts

The children paint their flats on a camping trip | Courtesy of Inside Out Community Arts

What is the purpose of Inside Out Community Arts? Through visual arts, performing arts, and media workshops, Inside Out Community Arts promotes healthy interaction among diverse at-risk and underserved Los Angeles middle-school and high school youth. Led by both specially trained teams of professional artists and high school age mentors, Inside Out bridges cultural, geographic, socioeconomic and differently-abled boundaries to support youth in creating and presenting topical theater, art and media. Our goal is to empower youth with the tools, confidence and inspiration to make a positive difference in their communities and the world … from the inside out.

When was Inside Out Community Arts founded? 1996.

Which areas does Inside Out Community Arts serve? Northeast L.A., Downtown, South L.A., Compton, South Bay, and the westside.

What services does Inside Out Community Arts provide? Art education, and social and emotional learning.

Video Courtesy of  InsideOutCa Youtube Channel

What does Inside Out Community Arts consider as…

…top safety issues in South L.A.? We believe bullying, cutting, gang recruitment, drug use, high school drop out rates, teen pregnancy and the lack of healthy and nutritional foods in South L.A. are huge safety issues.

Backstage before a performance | Photo Courtesy of Inside Out Community Artes

Backstage before a performance | Courtesy of Inside Out Community Arts

…top education issues in South L.A.?  Lack of arts education in schools and quality combined with sufficient after-school programs for low income families who have to work (i.e. a place for their kids to go after school that is healthy, productive and safe).

…top housing issues in South L.A.? Access to affordable housing is challenging in L.A. County.

…top business issues in South L.A.? Taxes are hard on local businesses, so many of the bigger corporations are leaving L.A. or California. Corporations are becoming more and more philanthropic.

What are Inside Out Community Arts affiliated programs? The School Project, Alumini Mentor Program, Teen Media Initiative

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Hours: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Contact info: Varina Bleil, Executive Director of Education, [email protected], 310-397-8820 x110.

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