OPINION: The benefits of preschool


By Jennifer Quinonez for Los Angeles Universal Preschool

imageIt’s been proven that the most important years of your child’s development is the first five years of life. That’s because their brain is constantly making connections and in the brain of a four-year-old, a thousand trillion connections are active – twice as much as an adult’s!

So for parents, it’s crucial that they take an active role in their child’s development, and help their child make the right kind of healthy connections to develop their brain power. One way to do this is by choosing a high-quality preschool program.

There are countless benefits to having a child attend preschool. Studies show that children attending a high-quality program significantly enhance their critical thinking; problem-solving and social skills that are needed to succeed in kindergarten and life. Research also shows that children who are attend preschool are more likely to read proficiently by third grade, less likely to drop out of high school or have a teen pregnancy, less likely to become involved in violent crime and more likely to go to college.

According to the RAND report, “Who Is Ahead and Who Is Behind?:Gaps in School Readiness and Student Achievement in the Early Grades for California’s Children”, African American and Hispanic students have lower levels of proficiency in some academic measures than Caucasian and Asian students. Preschool, however, appears to be a promising strategy for narrowing achievement differences.

Additional studies show that parental involvement in their child’s education is the key to their little one becoming successful in kindergarten and beyond. Experts say parents and caregivers should spend at least 20 minutes a day of quality time with their children by engaging their kids in conversations to improve their language and social skills. By doing these activities, along with spending time playing outdoors and reading books together, a child’s self confidence will increase significantly.

Los Angeles Universal Preschool, also known as LAUP (www.laup.net), is a great choice for a high-quality preschool education. The non-profit organization has developed a 5-Star Quality Rating and Improvement System that ensures the 4-year-olds of Los Angeles County are receiving a top educational pre kindergarten experience. LAUP preschools give parents the right to choose whether they prefer a home-based, faith-based or center-based learning environment for their child.

LAUP is a non-profit organization providing a high-quality preschool education at little or no charge to the children of Los Angeles County. The reason LAUP was first established in 2004 was because of the critical need to educate children and get them ready for kindergarten. LAUP programs provide children with a safe and nurturing learning environment and give children the tools they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. LAUP programs serve more than 10,000 children per year in 325 preschools throughout Los Angeles County.

To enroll your child in a quality LAUP preschool at little or no charge, please call 1-866-675-5400 or visit www.laup.net.


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    One of the most important things preschool teaches is how to get along.In preschool, the simple act of teaching a child how to pour a glass of milk has value.

  2. Great article! I enrolled my young child in preschool and I’m amazed of all the wonderful skills he has learned already. Thanks LAUP!

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