Proposition 24 would change tax laws for businesses


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Supporters say it would end tax breaks for big corporations. Opponents say it would hurt small businesses struggling to survive.

Proposition 24 would repeal three laws passed in 2008 and 2009 that cut business taxes.

Scott MacDonald is a spokesman for Stop Prop 24. He says those changes were designed to help small businesses weather times like these.

MacDonald: “We all know that this recession has hurt a lot of people. The last thing we need to do is burden the state’s small businesses and multi-state companies and others by passing Prop 24.”

That is not how Gregg Solkovits sees it. He is with United Teachers Los Angeles, which supports Proposition 24. Solkovits said with California’s budget problems, the state can no longer afford to give tax breaks.

Solkovits: A vote to repeal those tax breaks is a piece to solving California’s perennial budget problems. We have a revenue problem because we continue to give the wealthy and large corporations tax breaks.”

A poll taken last week showed voters tied, with a third still undecided.


  1. The thing to keep in mind here is that corporations HAVE to pass on their tax burden to the consumer. Taxes on corporations are just another hidden tax that we all pay. Voting yes on 24 is saying, “Yes, raise my taxes.”

  2. Jefferson Millstone says:

    This has to be the most confusing ballot measure this year. I oppose this, not because I disagree with the reasoning, but because I am tired of circumventing our legislature. How can you fix a broken system if you disable the feedback systems by going outside the system for ballot budgeting? Yes, our legislature is broken, but fixes outside the system like this are not going to help in correcting our legislature.

  3. I wish the average person could see that raising taxes on business will actually cut tax revenue, as businesses fail and prices go up, causing consumers to buy less.

    California is already very hostile to business. Prop 24 aims at being more friendly to business.

    We have already lost over a million jobs due to this hostile climate toward business. Let us try to stem the flow.

    Please vote NO on Prop 24.

  4. car wrap los angeles says:

    We have seen firsthand how during the last year a lot of small businesses closed shop in our Hollywood neighborhood. It is very depressing to hear that this proposition will exacerbate our situation.

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