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Many leaders in the medical marijuana community met at City Hall Tuesday to endorse Proposition 19.

With just a few weeks before California voters cast their ballots on Nov. 2, the group is confident the proposition will pass.

“In essence, what we believe is that California is going to make the right decision to end prohibition of cannabis because it’s a failed policy,” said Jeff Jones, a long-time activist for medical marijuana and co-proponent of the campaign “Yes on Proposition 19.”

Jones and the others said they believe the prohibition leads to higher costs for legal medical users. Legalizing the drug, on the other hand, would allow adults over 21 to grow the cannabis themselves. This, in turn, would make it more accessible for patients.

However, opposition against this initiative stands strong.

“Proposition 19 is such a jumbled, flawed, legal nightmare,” said Tim Rosales, who is the campaign manager of “No on Proposition 19.”

One of his main concerns is, if the measure passes, drivers will be able to drive while under the substance.

“There is no test or standard, like the 0.08 for alcohol,” Rosales said. “And therefore, law enforcement would have no way to judge whether or not someone is impaired behind the wheel because of marijuana.”


  1. YES on 19 says:

    Tim Rosales is wrong that drivers would be able to drive under the influence of cannabis. Prop 19 states explicitly that it would be illegal to drive under the influence.

    Rosales is also wrong that there is no standard. Police are trained in the use of the Field Sobriety Test. This IS the standard for cannabis intoxication or impairment from anything other than alcohol, e.g., prescription drug impairment, illegal drug impairment, or fatigue.

  2. I wonder how long these types of scare tactics will continue. People are worrying a whole lot about nothing with this whole Prop 19 thing. It’s just Pot people. Millions already use it, and let’s face it, it’s been all but fully legal in California for 14 years already! I have yet to see a single death from it’s use or a single case of lung caner or any other public health issue.

    So. The reallity is, people have been using it freely for 14 years in Cali. Hoardes of “stoners” haven’t invaded our work places nor have school bus drives been arrested in droves for DUI. It’s all just a smoke screen to keep the status quo.

    We’ve been lied to for decades and this drug should always have been available as an option to the far more destructive Alcohol. It is had been, we may have saved a lot of lives. Let’s free up some space in the overcrowded prisons shall we? Get the pot users out of there and stop releasing serious criminals early.

  3. Police and the DEA spread fear. They need the public to fear them. The DEA’s main job is to make the public fear that if they smoke a joint they will go to jail. If you grow a plant in your backyard FEAR US WE WILL GET YOU. North Korea uses fear to keep their population in line. The US Government is no different. Fear of arrest, Fear of jail time, Fear of loosing all your property and family. I want to feel safe again and not to live in fear.

    Yes on 19

  4. It wasn’t long ago that there was no such thing as a breathalyzer. We got along just fine with the Field Sobriety Test. Test their reactions, and, if they pass, let them go.

    If you have to work THAT hard to determine whether or not somebody is intoxicated, then he must not be very loaded, if at all.

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