South LA foul-mouthed cooking sensation Auntie Fee offers culinary advice + Inglewood celebrates NFL stadium decision

Photo by Skylar Myers

Photo by Skylar Myers

Cooking sensation Auntie Fee: South L.A.’s Auntie Fee became a YouTube sensation when her son uploaded a candid video of her cooking. She has since been featured on talk shows with Steve Harvey and Jimmy Kimmel. (L.A. Times)

NFL stadium in Inglewood: Some Inglewood residents celebrated after the city council approved an NFL stadium plan on Tuesday. (L.A. Times)

Officers shoot man in self-defense: LAPD officers shot a man who fired on them in Vermont Square on Monday. (KTLA)

LAPD search for gunman: Police are investigating a South L.A. shooting that occurred Tuesday near 115th and Main streets and left one injured. (CBS)

Los Ryderz Founder: Javier “JP” Partida, founder of Los Ryderz Bike Club in Watts, will discuss his outreach with other panelists at South L.A. Visions and Voices event this Thursday. (Streetsblog LA)

Mapping L.A. rent prices: A Zumper heat map shows the most expensive and most affordable housing options throughout the city. (Curbed Los Angeles)

Urban gardening movement: South L.A. native Ron Finley has remained dedicated to his movement for food justice in urban communities, even when the city issued an arrest warrant for planting carrots in unused city space. (Fortune)

Tales of the Grim Sleeper: British documentarian Nick Broomfield explains the complex relationship between LAPD and the community in South Central that piqued his interest in the Grim Sleeper case. (Indie Wire)


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