South LA protest pays tribute to Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis

A scene from the protest | Isaac Moody

A scene from the protest | Isaac Moody

The Stop Mass Incarceration Network staged a protest in South Los Angeles yesterday in remembrance of Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis, both African-American 17-year-olds from Florida who were killed in 2012. At the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and Slauson Avenue, community members rallied to draw attention to the criminalization of youth of color as well as the pipeline that can lead to incarceration. The rally was accompanied with massive posters of the boys’ photos along with bold statements like “We are all Trayvon” and “The whole damn system is guilty.”

“There’s a green light to shoot and murder, to criminalize and incarcerate Black and Latino youth in this society, that’s gotta stop,” said one protester. Click play to hear more of the charged voices and opinions from the event.

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