Manual Arts High School students explore abuse and violence

This is the last write-up from freshman students at Manual Arts High School. Some participated in weeks-long projects about animal abuse, drugs, gangs, prostitution and racism. Part of their projects included surveys they created for their communities. After they gathered information, all of the groups presented their findings at a school presentation. Two days later, each group wrote about their experiences during an Intersections: The South Los Angeles Report mentoring and writing workshop.


Child Abuse and Violence

By: Nicolas Arevalo and Juan Luis

We chose violence because it is something that exists inside every single human being. It is an important issue because people suffer through violence, including child abuse and domestic violence. We learned that there are many forms of abuse, and there are also ways that we can help people who have experienced abuse in their lives.

Human beings are not the only ones who suffer through violence because animals get treated badly, too. They get hurt and are pushed around, and that is also known as animal abuse.

Our group also learned that people who usually have been treated badly and have been suppressed are the ones who might do the same thing to others that happened to them.

We discovered all of this information after we conducted about 370 surveys on how to stop violence in communities, and if there is violence around and inside us. People who have gone through violence have had a hard time recovering from it.

For example, have you ever seen someone get shot right in front of you? Some people in our group have, and they have seen one friend get shot right around the block. It was a terrible experience because that is the first time the group member has seen someone on the floor, full of blood. You could see the rounds on the ground, cartridges on the floor and the helpless body.

That is one of the reasons why violence is not such a good idea. It is also another reason why people should not get involved in it.