New Documentary ‘Can You Dig This’ Looks at Why Black Gardeners Matter + SoCal Gas May Take Months to Fix Ongoing Gas Leak in Porter Ranch

New Documentary ‘Can You Dig This’ Looks at Why Black Gardeners Matter

A new documentary looks at the story of four ‘unlikely gardeners’ in South L.A. whose lives were positively impacted after getting involved in the recent urban gardening phenomenon. The film comes shortly after a change in L.A.’s land-use policy, which now permits gardens in parkways. (Take Part)

The chief executive of SoCal apologized to Porter Ranch residents about the ongoing gas leak causing a sickening smell in the community.

SoCal Gas May Take Months to Fix Ongoing Gas Leak in Porter Ranch

A methane gas leak from the Aliso Canyon storage facility in Porter Ranch is expected to take three to four months to complete. Impacted residents have been complaining for months about the bad odor, and have received an apology from the chief executive of the Southern California Gas Company. (ABC 7).


Immigration documentary explores meaning of ‘American’

By Heidi Carreon, Neon Tommy

As the sun beat down on day two of the L.A. Times Festival of Books, visitors stayed cool in the University of Southern California’s darkened Ray Stark theater. But the room was silent as a documentary opened with bustling scenes of Manila, capital of the Philippines, flickering across the screen.

“I always knew I was going to America,” the words of Jose Antonio Vargas, activist and Pulitzer Prize Winner, echoed throughout the room. “America seemed…inevitable.” [Read more…]