Cool down with a smoothie from Dyna’s

imageThis unassuming little cafe, tucked behind the Steak and Fries in Baldwin Hills Shopping Center, offers a broad range of delights: including breakfast specials, pastries rotisserie chicken, Mexican food and Asian entrees. On one side, a coffee shop with giant muffins tantalizingly on display; on the other, a few tables allow room for a quick bite and a sampling of the free WiFi.

The menu is a little eccentric, ranging from breakfasts ($3.95 to $6.95) to burritos ($4.25 to $5.45) to teriyaki bowls ($5.95).

But on a hot afternoon in Los Angeles, the range of smoothies and milkshakes seem the most appealing. For $3.95 plus tax, these freshly made delights are cool and flavorful. For ice cream lovers, the “Banana Nut” offers a delicious mix of bananas, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and apple juice. For a thirst-quenching, dairy-free option, try the “Mango Strawberry,” with mango, strawberries and a mix of apple and orange juice. The smoothies come out thick and cold: perfect for an L.A. heat wave.

A big plus to Dyna’s is that the cafe/restaurant seems to be pretty quiet in the afternoons, leaving plenty of room for weary wanderers to take refuge and refuel.

3745 S. La Brea Ave., Unit D, Los Angeles CA 90016.
Hours: Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm; Saturday from 8am to 6pm; Closed Sunday
Phone: (323) 292-9262
Free WiFi for customers.
Open lot parking.

Menu Sampler:
Good morning! Dyna’s Morning Special: two eggs, two bacon or sausages, potatoes with bell peppers and onions, toast and a small coffee or tea = $6.95
Good afternoon! 1/4 Chicken Combo with two sides = $5.45
Good evening! Steak burrito = $5.45
Specials: Whole Rotisserie Chicken = $6.95