Hyepin Im reflects on the Korean American community 20 years after the LA riots

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There’s a lot of soul searching going on in Los Angeles as we approach the 20th anniversary of the LA riots.

It’s a time that brought devastation to many Koreans living here as some rioters unleashed their anger on Korean shop owners.

Emily Frost spoke with Hyepin Im, the President and CEO of Korean Churches for Community Development. It’s an organization that works to build the capacities of Korean churches and nonprofits and fuel economic development.

During the conversation, Im addresses issues of language barriers and rates of poverty among Koreans in California.

Im welcomes all to a commemorative service for the riots on april 29th held by the Korean Churches for Community Development. http://www.kccd.org/

Mark Ridley-Thomas has proposal for juvenile justice reform

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About 20,000 young people are on probation in Los Angeles County right now, and more than 40 percent of these youths will head right back to jail. Board Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas commissioned a report on making transition back into society more successful, and it makes some serious charges.

“We need to be smart about reentry,” Ridley-Thomas said.

The report found that some county juvenile detention camps have good reentry programs; some, but not all. The programs make sure that young people have a safe place, healthcare, addiction treatment, a support system and a plan for avoiding gang life before they leave. But the report argues that these transition services need to become institutionalized.

The researchers pointed to a few exemplary Los Angeles-based organizations as models for the Department of Corrections.

Jose A. Castellanos Elementary School opens

Jose A. Castellanos may not be a name that most people associate with the Holocaust. But he is El Salvador’s Oskar Schindler, a little known hero who saved thousands of Jews during World War II. Now, an elementary school in Los Angeles is named after him. It’s the second campus to pen open the Public School Choice Program. Emily Frost has an audio story on the ribbon cutting ceremony at Jose A. Castellanos Elementary School at 1723 W. Cordova, just north of the 10 Freeway between Normandie and Vermont.

Department of Water and Power might create a ratepayer advocate

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At the public hearing, Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry also talked about the creation of a ratepayer advocate. Though generally supportive of the reform, Department of Water and Power customers shared a range of views on how the advocate should function and how the position should be funded.