City collects 950 guns in buyback

Commander Andrew Smith holds a 9mm handgun. | Daina Beth Solomon

Commander Andrew Smith holds a 9mm handgun. | Daina Beth Solomon

A World War II rifle outfitted with a grenade launcher, a 9mm handgun inlaid with silver and a Mexican flag emblem, and the type of semi-automatic rifle used by the Sandy Hook gunman will soon meet the same fate: meltdown.

The Los Angeles Police Department collected 950 weapons last weekend in its eighth annual buyback program that gives Angelenos gift cards for guns, no questions asked.

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Police Chief Charlie Beck said the program intends to rid homes and streets of “unwanted” arms. [Read more…]

South LA one location for next gun buyback program

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Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck on Tuesday announced the city is making it easier for residents to turn in guns. On May 4th, there will be four locations for gun buyback programs:  Elysian Park, Wilmington, South LA, and Van Nuys.  The program is aimed at reducing gun violence in the city.

“I encourage every Angeleno to turn in their guns and say no to senseless violence in our neighborhoods. We’re asking for your help in removing guns from our street.  Turn in your guns, keep weapons away from gang members and dangerous criminals,” said Villarigosa. [Read more…]