South LA Podcast:  Police Chief Charlie Beck visits USC

On Thursday, March 5, 2010, Police Chief Charlie Beck visited the USC Galen Center to speak to an audience of students, professors, business owners and community residents. He spoke about his methods of improving public safety in the area and his specific goals for the Los Angeles Police Department. He also spoke about how to improve the relationship between the USC Department of Public Safety and the police department.

Beck served as a police officer in South LA for many years and has served during the best and worst periods in the departments history. He recalled a time when the LAPD was known as an “occupying army” by many of the residents of South LA, but he also remembered the period of transition that improved the department’s standing within the community. During his speech, Beck addressed the LAPD’s past and present, but also explained what he hopes the future will bring.

Homelessness in Los Angeles

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development gave the greater Los Angeles area $73 million in grants, but it won’t be enough to solve the crisis.  Homeless service organizations are reporting an increase in homeless families, and are struggling to make do with limited resources.  Parts of this story were featured on Annenberg Radio News; click below to listen.

Additional information:

Programs in South L.A. receiving funding


Programs in South L.A. receiving funding

from the new HUD grants:


39 West Apartments

Funding: $175,000.00

Run by: A Community of Friends


Figueroa Apartments

Funding: $210,433.00

Run by: A Community of Friends


Pearl Center, The

Funding: $246,780.00

Run by: His Sheltering Arms


Ready, Willing and Able Program (a)

2008-09 Funding: $93,310.00

Run by: Project New Hope


Saraii Village

2008-09 Funding: $90,395.00

Run by: The Shields for Families


South Central Drop-In Center

2008-09 Funding: $387,743.00

Run by: Special Services for Groups



TCLC Training Center & Child Care Programs

2008-09 Funding: $157,436.00

Run by: Testimonial Community Love Center


Women and Children First

2008-09 Funding: $136,216.00

Run by: California Council for Veterans Affairs