The meaning of Christmas, from Skid Row

imageKiera was easily singled out for stardom during her two months living at the Union Rescue Mission on Skid Row. After stunning staff during a public speaking workshop, Kiera was chosen to tell the story of Christmas on behalf of the mission.

“The goal is to put a face to homelessness,” said Marketing Assistant Erin Hennings. “And to remind people of the meaning of Christmas.”

Kiera’s family had re-located from the Bay Area and found their way to the Union Rescue Mission while struggling to get back on their feet. A few weeks ago, Kiera and her family found a new home and moved away from Skid Row. According to Hennings, the family still returns for guidance and assistance, and to take part in community events such as the Thanksgiving feast.

From Union Rescue Mission:
Each night, an average of 145 kids call Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens Family Center home. And thanks to help from friends like you, we have rescued over 1,800 precious children from living on the streets of Skid Row in the last 2 years. Kiera is one of these adorable children. We hope you will take a moment to watch her tell the Christmas Story in her own words!


  1. Just wondering why you would allow this young girl to wear this low cut top for this clip? it makes a person think that it is staged for sympathy, surely you won’t allow her to run around the facilely like that, even if she did come out of prostitution on the street, it is sour/sour although the viewers can see the intent is sweet?

  2. tips of public speaking says:

    I thought this story was great. I am a public speaker and think this can build strong skills in younger people. Who cares what she is wearing at least she is making great changes in her life.

  3. The comment by lee on 12/18/10 Obviously this person has never been could you speak such cruel words about this child .

  4. I am not easily shocked usually but I have to say I’m both shocked and disgusted at lee’s comment. From this whole piece the only thing he notices is a CHILD wearing a low-cut top??
    It says a lot more about him as a person than it ever could about that poor girl.
    Lee: You should be ashamed of youself if you are reading this, what the hell are you thinking?

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