The Tenth Wonder turns trash into treasure

This project was produced during an Intersections/Metamorphosis community reporting workshop. For more information please email [email protected].

Narration by Jimmy Dixon with photography by Albert Aguilar

Visit “The Tenth Wonder” at 1145 W. 62nd Street, Los Angeles CA 90044

Want to see what participants in our workshops have produced? Check out “Finding identity at the Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science” or visit our “From the Workshop” section.


  1. Carmen Gonzalez says:

    What a great story Jimmy! I hope you continue to share your stories with us smile

  2. dvdtoolfreak says:

    Jimmy,I like your story…keep on doing this…

  3. Elisa Hernandez says:

    Wow. this came together very beautifully! I loved it the images and voice over made the story real powerful..good work Jimmy you really captured the essence of their art. smile

    “I Don’t Care What Situation Your In, You Can Always Make Something Of Yourself”

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