Why the fast food ban failed in South LA + Pot shops thrive in South LA

Image by _skynet on Flickr.com

Image by _skynet on Flickr.com

Why the fast food ban failed: A recent study by the Rand Corporation shows that the 2008 ban that prohibited fast food chains from opening new locations in South L.A. was unsuccessful in curbing obesity rates. (The Atlantic)

Marijuana dispensaries flourish: L.A. dispensaries are shifting from the San Fernando Valley and East L.A. to the South L.A. and San Pedro, according to a study by the UCLA Medical Marijuana Research team. (L.A. Weekly)

Sheriff’s deputies shoot, kill man; woman found dead: Sheriff’d deputies shot and killed a man Wednesday when responding to a report of an assault with a deadly weapon. A woman was also found dead at the scene. (KTLA)

Baby born in alley: A baby girl was born in a homeless encampment behind a South L.A. church Monday. The baby and mother were transported to the hospital. (Daily News)

Killer at large: More than four years ago, Brandon Shorts died on Christmas from injuries from a shooting on Nov. 18. Police still have not found the shooter. (L.A. Times)




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