VIDEO BLOG: Empty chairs for empty teaching positions

To protest the 6,300 pink slips sent out to LAUSD teachers on March 15th, UTLA members set out empty chairs in front of the district headquarters. Each chair displayed a pink slip representing a teacher or student services professional.

Provided by Santee Education Complex teacher and social activist Jose Lara (below)






  1. ANne PEarson says:

    Can we really afford not having teachers for these crucial positions? The children are our future

  2. Jose,

    I was unable to view any of the videos, but I will keep trying. I know you have many great ideas.

    On the Rifs, what a shame that LAUSD waited until the ninth hour to begin negotiations. They know better than to negotiate in the press. But why do they try to dismantle great schools (by raising class size), increasing couselor loads (how can we raise graduation rates when you will probably never really talk to a counselor about the higher education process) and reduce nurses (when we never had enough to begin with) as their best suggestions to reduce the budget deficit. They knew this was comming, why not have begun conversations a year ago.

    We know this will be a horrendous next 2 years. We all need to work together in a non-adversarial mode (fire Dick Fisher).

    My heart goes out to all of our newer teachers. My impression is that these are some of the finest, most dedicated teachers I have seen in a long time. Teachers are at the heart of any good education system, I feel as if we are having our heart wrenched from us (and that can’t be pleasant).

    Could go on. Talk to you soon.


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