Herb Wesson takes early lead in District 10 election

Music, food, and yellow and black balloons made for a high-spirited evening at the Herb Wesson reelection headquarters in District 10.

The incumbent won outright in his sprawling and diverse district, avoiding a run-off election at a later time.

Wesson said that his first priority after being reelected would be addressing the budget concerns of the city. He acknowledged that the statewide budgets cuts were felt by everyone, but especially in places like District 10 where funds are needed to help “redevelop blighted communities.”


  1. joseph d. rodriguez says:

    People are getting tired of his elitist behavior based on the fact he received less than80% of the vote (which he brags about on his city web page).I phoned his main office one time and was told don’t call this office call the community office on your concerns.Last time I looked I voted for him and not some aide. After that neither me or my wife will ever vote for Mr. W. again!He lost 25% of the vote lets see how many votes he gets next time against a bunch of nobody”s.

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