Local groups call for immigration reform

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Immigration reformers and community members gathered outside Our Lady of Angels Catholic Church Tuesday morning at a news conference held by the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition.

“We are not animals,” said Helen DeLeon, one of the women speaking at the event. “We are humans, who have rights. And our children have rights. They have the right to be in Congress someday, to run for President someday.”

Many other local groups came to show their support. Peta Lindsay is with the ANSWER Coalition.

“I’m here as an organizer, as a woman, and more specifically as a black woman to urge Obama to keep his promise and implement comprehensive immigration reform now,” Lindsay said. “Black and Latina Women share a common cause. When it comes to poverty statistics, infant mortality and joblessness, women from both communities are racing to the bottom particularly during this economic crisis.”

The group’s main goals are comprehensive immigration reform and an end to immigration raids. Rosa Posades of the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition called for overall immigration change but with special attention to women’s needs.

“The government should have a conscience,” said Posades. “They were born from women, too, so don’t be unfair to us.”

A specific problem raised was the breakup of families, of mothers and their children, when undocumented immigrants are deported. The Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition calls for less harsh punishment for people in the country illegally and more lenient requirements for legal immigration.

On the other side is Steven Camarota, director of research at the Center for Immigration Studies. He believes the United States should limit the rights of immigrants.

“Overall what we would want is to try and have an immigration policy that doesn’t flood the unskilled labor market, that doesn’t create so many strains for our schools and health care system, and one of the main ways to do that is to bring the numbers down on both the legal and illegal side,” Camarota said.

Camarota does not believe there will be any big changes made on the immigration front at the congressional level, but he is not averse to trying to reach a compromise with the community that demands reform.

“Maybe one this is we want to have an amnesty for some fraction of the illegal immigrants who are here, maybe Dream Act recipients, and in return we reduce the number of legal immigrants coming in, accordingly,” Camarota said.

In the meantime, the Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition continues to garner support for its April 16 march in downtown Los Angeles.


  1. Homeless Veteran says:

    Not Animals !

    Neither are the Americans / Veterans / American taxpayers that YOU have STOLEN FROM !!!


    -ALL- illegal aliens have “RIGHTS” the “RIGHT” TO GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM -ireland , kenya , poland & “CANGE YOUR COUNTRY” !!!
    GET OUT !

  2. NO amnesty or any other rewards for illegals.

    The states with Republicans in power/control are passing “illegals get out” laws throughout the country.

    The illegals are going to be heading for all states ran by the loony left Democrats who are giving them paradise/sanctuary.

    Bookmark this great site.


  3. yeah Homeless Veteran, We are a Nation of Laws and if Illegal Aliens refuse to leave on their own they have earned the right to be handcuffed and deported out of here. Same goes for ANY Lawmaker that pushes Amnesty. If they can’t support 0ur LAWS, they have the right to step down and let an American take their seat. E-Verify and 287g Nationwide.

  4. If they only came here for a job why do they cry for everything else under the sun?It is time they follow our law and go home and apply to be here legally or better yet just go home and demand the rights they have at home.

  5. Delaware Bob says:

    You say you are humans? Maybe so, but you are in the wrong country! Go back to your own country and demonstrate and DEMAND what you want there. You DEMAND nothing here! Understand that illegal aliens?

  6. Everyone has the right to go and make a living anywhere in the world. Europeans didn’t come here with “legal right” neither. Read history, HUMANS MIGRATE… When the impoverty hits the US, Americans will migrate too…

  7. Apache Native says:

    You broke up your own families when you illegally
    crossed that border!
    Get out of my country you animals! And wait until you are invited.


  8. Apache Native says:

    to:It Hero,
    BS anyone has the right to go and make a living anywhere in the world.
    Other countries will arrest and deport you!
    Get out of my country you liar!
    You illegals want everything we American have.



  9. NativeAmerican says:

    Comprehensive Immigration Reform. We heard this in 1986,we were lied to then and we’re being lied to now. How many times has the U.S. given amnesty to illegal aliens? Seven times since 1986. Each time amnesty is given, the flood of illegal invaders rises. Amnesty is the problem, NOT the solution.

    We need Comprehemsive Immigration Enforcement and secure borders. We need to make E-Verify mandatory on all employers, add jail time along with huge fines to those caught hiring illegal aliens. We need to end any and all taxpayer funded benefits for illegals and their children, end the Anchor Baby madness! Once our laws are actually enforced and our borders actually secured, the illegals will self-deport. That is what the majority of the American people want, and want now!

  10. Get Involved ! says:

    Call -OUR- congress @ 866 220 0044
    send free faxes @- http://www.capsweb.org 0r http://www.numbersusa.com !
    DEMAND E-verify for -ALL- jobs & GOV`t. Programs !
    Call I.C.E. @ 866 347 2423 to REPORT -ALL- illegal aliens & THEIR EMPLOYERS !
    -ALL- illegal aliens are CRIMINALS !
    GOD BLESS THE U.S. !!!

  11. American Citizen says:

    Here are some facts and questions to ponder: We would not have railroads if it were not for the Chinese immigrants who built them; we would not have skyscrapers without the Native Americans from who our European ancestors sold this land; we would not have won the 11 WW without their native languages for code; The economy of the South was built on the backs of the ancestors of our “black” citizens who were slaves and treated as less than human. Most second and third generation youth do not want to work for the wages that Mexican immigrants, who have provided all the so called “unskilled labor” which has helped to keep our economy going, earn; Japanese American CITIZENS were put in internment camps by our government though they had committed no crime; The US government and big business allows “white collar” jobs to be exported while our young people have not jobs. What is going on here? We have thrived and inspired the world because of the contributions and diversity of our many cultured forbears, America is America because it was the “melting pot of the world”. If we love God can we believe that God would approve of our treatment of our fellow humans who God also created? What will we have left of America if we close our hearts and allow ourselves to be fearful led by hate and resentment? Is that what Jesus taught us? or any other God inspired teachers? Let us listen to the experience of others whose ancestors, like our own who came here to enjoy peace and freedom and proved themselves to be invaluable assets, and who we now revile, as our own forbears often were when they first came to what is now their own descendants,our, country. Let us first truly listen to their stories before we cast blame on those who come from oppressive countries, lest our own country, the United States of America, the land of the free, becomes like those countries.

  12. i have the feeling we’ll be using the same arguments twenty-five years from now and the population will have been increased by 30 million more illegal aliens. If we had a President with a backbone and who would put his own citizens first, he would announce to the world that we will no longer be its dumping ground. Then, demand they leave or go to prison for a long time. While they are imprisoned, they will build the fence that we should have had years ago. It will seal us off from the horrors that lie below our southern border. Napolitano sits in Washinton along with her ilk and says “our border is safe.” Sheriff Babau, who is on the border says it is dangerous and it is invaded daily. I think I believe him. We need all those who don’t belong here to leave and they should never, ever be allowed back. In fact, we need a moratorium on ALL immigration for ten years.

  13. John Bowman says:

    It looks like “1984” has finally arrived, based upon the “Full Rights for Immigrants” name.

    Ummm, immigrants already have full rights.

    This group doen’t advocate for immigrants, they advocate for illegal aliens who are the exact opposite of immigrants.

    What evil are they perpetrating with this big lie?

  14. DeLeon,if “your” children have foreign born parents, they cannot become President. You may have rights but not as natural born citizens and frankly, if you are here illegally, you should be deported! That should be your only right! Peta Lindsay, poverty statistics, infant mortality and joblessness, is your fault, not the fault of the rest of us. Especially blacks who get a free ride via affirmative action, should be way ahead but because you are lazy and expect everything to be handed to you, you continue to fail. Stop using drugs and infant mortality will drop. But that’s a lame excuse because you are number one in abortion and could care less how many babies are murdered. That’s your fault too. All you have to do is keep your pants on. The Hispanics whine endlessly but they don’t want to follow the law and they don’t want to learn English and become Americans. They want to march in our streets waving Mexican flags demanding everything from American tax payers. Why don’t you go home and make those demands on your own country? Oh, and by the way, COLLEGE IS FREE IN MEXICO!

  15. Get Involved says:

    Google search these words–> Work in the states build a life in Mexico ! Americans & Veterans are unemployed & 0r HOMELESS & illegal aliens are buying “WINTER / RETIREMENT HOMES” they don`t want to be CITIZENS they want -OUR- jobs & a “VISA” so they can go “home” in the winter !
    “if you don`t know if you click on -Get Involved- it will take you to some good sites” !

  16. Contrary to the numerous statements made by organizations claiming that illegal aliens have rights, I like to point out that there isn’t anything in the US Constitution stating that they have rights. The US Constitution only applies to to US citizens and legal immigrants.

    As a courtesy, the American Government provides welfare, legal representation for millions of crimes committed by Hispanics, food stamps, welfare, and even housing when Hispanics can get away with it.

    It is obvious to me and millions of other Americans that illegal aliens currently in America are a burden to all of us who live here. Your theft of our identities which is a felony, coming across our border illegally is a misdemeanor, committing over 1,000 murders per year, killing over 2,000 people each year in America on our highways and roads, and many other crimes which for the most part are felonies, plus the economic burden Americans shoulder for education, welfare, housing, and food stamps.

    No, Mr and Mrs illegal aliens, you are not wanted in our country. You have nothng to contribute to make America a better place to live. Your burden is a contributing factor to the decline of this country.

  17. Apache Native says:

    To American citizen (more like Mexican)
    “Here are some facts and questions to ponder: We would not have railroads if it were not for the Chinese immigrants who built them; we would not have skyscrapers without the Native Americans from who our European ancestors sold this land”

    The argument is for Today 2011!
    So stop with the bull. Get these illegal aliens out
    of the U.S. eventually one will kill you or a loved on drunk driving. You watch!

  18. The Chinese didn’t really start coming out of their third world mindset and culture until they had to in order to play on the world field of commerce. Now, after Clinton gave away so many of our military secrets and Obama and “Hellary” have sold just about everything American to the Chinese so they could put us so far in debt we’ll never get out, the Chinese are taking over much of America. Otherwise they’d still be THIRD WORLD! As far as native Americans go, if the Europeans hadn’t come here, they would still be sacrificing their infant babies via live burning ovens to Baal.

    and….what has your favorite Native American or Chinese person done for America lately???? This is a pointless and thoughtless argument. Get over it.

  19. Geesh! And these morons wonder why we don’t want them here.

  20. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a non-profit organization that is focused on changing the immigration policies in this country. It was founded in 1979, and since then has become one of the more well-known “faces” in the debate on an issue that has people on both sides expressing some very strong opinions.

    Immigration has an effect on almost every aspect of our daily lives. Education, employment, government budgets, health care, and even the environment are all affected by our immigration laws and policies. As more and more people continue to move into the country, whether legally or illegally, all these elements have to change to try and keep up.

    The Federation for American Immigration Reform has stated that their goals, in relation to those aspects, is to improve border security, stop illegal immigration, and promote the levels of immigration that are more beneficial to the country. They say, on their website, that a rate of about 300,000 a year, rather than the current million a year, would be the ideal level.cheap kitchen home improvement info kitchen pattern wish kitchen

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