Los Angeles Urban League to survey South LA residents

In anticipation of the May 2013 city elections, the Los Angeles Urban League plans to send out volunteers across South Los Angeles on Saturday, March 23 to identify priorities in the community.  The LAUL hopes to deploy 100 volunteers to survey 2,500 residents about what matters to them and present the results to elected officials.

Only two out of every ten eligible Los Angeles voters participated in the recent mayoral election, and less than 10% were African American or Latino.  The Los Angeles Urban League says it hopes that by “igniting a movement that calls for greater civic engagement, the community can ensure that there is equity in education, economic development, public safety, and public health and housing opportunities for all residents of Los Angeles.”

Some of the survey locations will be:
o   Baldwin Hill Crenshaw Plaza, 3650 MLK Blvd., 90008

o   Ralph’s Supermarket, 3670 Crenshaw Blvd., 90008

o   Starbucks, 3722 Crenshaw Blvd., 90016

The effort will kick off at 8 am March 23 at the LAUL’s headquarters, 3450 Mount Vernon Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90008.

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