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Teatro del Pueblo project at the 24th St. Theatre | Daina Beth Solomon

What is the 24th Street Theatre’s purpose? To engage, educate, and provoke our diverse community with excellent theatre and arts education.

When was the 24th Street Theatre founded? 1997

Which areas does the 24th Street Theatre serve? North University Park and surrounding areas

What services does the  24th Street Theatre provide? Arts Education, free after-school programming with snacks, and professional performances for the community from Los Angeles and around North America. Our shows cost only 24 cents for neighborhood residents.

What are the 24th Street Theatre’s recent accomplishments? Winner of the 2012 Peter Zeisler Memorial Award for Outstanding Achievement in the American Theatre.

Video Courtesy of the 24th Street Theatre Youtube Channel

Art Education Workshop | Photo Courtesy of 24th Street Theatre

Art Education Workshop | Photo Courtesy of 24th Street Theatre

What does the the 24th Street Theatre consider as…

…top safety issues in South L.A.? Youth need more things to do during non-school hours. I feel very safe in this neighborhood, but USC students need to realize when they aren’t on campus that they are in the inner city. They constantly ride their bikes while texting or just randomly bike into traffic without paying attention. I also think getting the students out to volunteer in the neighborhood would help with community relations. We have some excellent USC work study students here that work closely with neighborhood youth and are great role models to them.

…top education issues in South L.A.?  There are some great youth here in our community that need help with finding options post high school, including how and when to apply for college, and career options.

What are  the 24th Street Theatre affiliated programs? The Saturday Explorer Series, Leadership Academy,

Hours: Noon to 6, Monday through Friday, with performances occasionally on Saturdays and Sundays.

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram @24thST

Contact info: Jennie McInnis, Executive Assistant, [email protected], 213.745.6516.

Photo courtesy of 24th Street Theatre

Photo courtesy of 24th Street Theatre

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