Nonprofit Spotlight: Worksite Wellness LA

 WWLA's Physical activity presentation | Photo Courtesy of WWLA's Facebook Page

Worksite Wellness LA’s presentation on physical activity | Photo Courtesy of WWLA’s Facebook Page

Intersection’s Nonprofit Spotlight series profiles South L.A. organizations that are propelling positive change in South L.A.


What is the purpose of Worksite Wellness LA? To improve the health status of low-income, medically underserved families through workplaces in Los Angeles County.

When was Worksite Wellness LA founded? In 1996.

Which areas does the Worksite Wellness LA serve? Downtown, South LA, East LA, Boyle Heights, Downey, Bellflower, Whittier, Huntington Park, Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley.

WWLA's Physical Education class | Photo Courtesy of WWLA's Facebook

WWLA’s Physical Education class | Photo Courtesy of WWLA’s Facebook

What services does Worksite Wellness LA provide? We serve the health needs of low-income working families including healthcare enrollment and budgeting services and free health classes.

What are Worksite Wellness LA’s recent accomplishments? By bringing preventative health education and information on access to health care to a low income working population, we encourage healthy behavior changes through awareness, information and education. WWLA’s program is not only unique in that we deliver our services at the worksite, our services are available to the workers on as needed basis.

Video Courtesy of Worksite Wellness LA’s Youtube Page

What does Worksite Wellness LA see as…

…top safety issues in South L.A.? Traffic , pollution, the cut in health and social services.

Healthcare Fair hosted by American Apparel | Photo Courtesy of WWLA's Facebook Page

Healthcare Fair hosted by American Apparel | Photo Courtesy of WWLA’s Facebook Page

…top education issues in South L.A.? Low literacy remains a huge challenge, most of our clients are not aware or have no time to communicate or learn about our programs.

…top housing issues in South L.A.? Housing is still scarce and more expensive, but many abandoned buildings and homes have been restored and rented in the area.

…top business issues in South L.A.? The lack of local investment. People still have limited access to credit making it difficult to expand businesses. Many retail stores need to be upgraded. Also there are too many fast food shops.

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Contact info: Luis Pardo, [email protected], (323) 758-9480.

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