South LA residents join Good Jobs LA march at Occupy LA

by Jacob Hay, Good Jobs LA


Hundreds of Occupy LA activists and about 100 South LA residents organized by Good Jobs LA marched in the downtown LA financial district while people around the country closed accounts at Wall Street banks on Saturday to support National Bank Transfer Day.

image“I’m tired of the way Wall Street banks are treating their customers and our communities, said Viviana Sepulveda, who closed her account at Bank of America on Saturday morning.

“After taxpayers bailed out Wall Street, the banks were supposed to lend money to small businesses, invest in our communities and create jobs. Instead, banks are continuing the same practices that caused this mess, failing to invest in jobs and putting people out of their homes,” she said.


“I’m retired and still doing my part to help my community. If these Wall Street banks don’t do their part, we’ll lose Medicare funding and in-home services for seniors and disabled,” said Doris Fletcher, a retired social worker, who closed a savings account with Wells-Fargo on Saturday morning. “The banks don’t care about us, so I’m moving my money to make a difference.”

Customers closing accounts on Saturday will transfer their funds into credit unions and other institutions that invest in communities and engage in more responsible practices.

imageSaturday’s march is part of a series of planned events in the downtown LA financial district to protest the corporate greed that is hurting local communities and killing good jobs. On November 9th, activists will march against budget cuts that threaten the jobs of teachers, firefighters and police.

On November 17th, hundreds will gather at a structurally deficient downtown LA overpass to protest Congress’ refusal to tax millionaires and wealthy corporations to pay for legislation that will create good jobs building LA.

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