Students Occupy LA

Jacob Hay, Good Jobs LA

More than 40 high school and middle school students from South LA, Compton and Inglewood, gathered at Occupy LA on Saturday to learn about the growing movement. The outing was organized by Good Jobs LA’s youth outreach program.

“I learned that a lot of people are struggling and about the inequality in our economy,” said Melissa Estrada student at Jefferson High School. “Wall Street corporations have all the money and they need to help fix our economy.”

“99% of the people are left with a scarce amount of money – and the top 1% has everything,” said Curtis Ray, a student at Lloyd High School. “They need to share some of that money. I’m working to do well in school but will there be good jobs for me? It’s too easy to be left behind.”


The students interviewed activists, participated in music and dance activities, stenciled arm bands and made their own protest signs. Students also shared their stories on the impact of the down economy, lack of jobs and budget cuts on their families and communities.

“Right now, it’s the 99% against the 1%,” said Shamvoy Smith, a student at Perry Middle School. People don’t have money for food, we’re losing teachers at school and we don’t have enough good jobs in our communities. We need to work together so that we make it 100%.”

Good Jobs LA has engaged more than 50,000 families in struggling LA communities on holding wealthy corporations accountable for fixing our economy and creating good jobs. In August, Good Jobs LA brought 230 high school students together for a two day youth leadership conference at UCLA. Saturday’s event was part of an ongoing effort to develop youth leaders in LA.

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