South LA students learn radio reporting skills

Every Saturday, a dedicated group of teenage journalists meet up at the Urban Media Foundation to sharpen their skills and practice their story telling.

This weekend, the focus was on radio. After some discussion and listening exercises, the students broke into groups, recorders in hands, ready to interview each other about their lives, communities and plans following graduation.

Here are some of their stories!

Jeena Tanks, Brandi Finney and Lafaye Mooer discuss extracurricular activities and what they see themselves doing after high school.

Urban Media Foundation Radio Training Group 1 by Intersections

Olivia Smith and Chizo Iberosi tackle tough transitions—from moving from a big to a small school, to moving from another country entirely.

Urban Media Foundation Radio Training Group 2 by Intersections

While discussing what they see for their futures, Jocelyn Foster and Bianca Alonzo discover they have a shared interest—science!

Urban Media Foundation Radio Training Group 3 by Intersections

Tia Halsey, Justin Tanks and Octavia Smith all know they want to go to college, they’re just not sure where. One thing they do know is who their favorite authors are – Suzanne Collins and Edgar Allan Poe make the short list.

Urban Media Foundation Radio Training Group 4 by Intersections

Aaron King, Kevin Soils and Jesse Gonzales may be young adults, but they’re already thinking about what kind of legacy they’d like to leave future generations.

Urban Media Foundation Radio Training Group 5 by Intersections

The radio workshop was led by Melissa Leu and Kaitlin Parker, USC Annenberg students and Intersections South LA reporters.

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