Nonprofit Spotlight: RISE Financial Pathways

Photo Courtesy of RISE Financial Pathways Facebook Page

Photo Courtesy of RISE Financial Pathways Facebook Page

Intersections’ Nonprofit Spotlight series profiles South L.A. organizations that are propelling positive change in South L.A.


Community Yard Sale | Photo Courtesy of RISE Financial Pathways Facebook Page

Community Yard Sale | Photo Courtesy of RISE Financial Pathways Facebook Page

What is the RISE Financial Pathways’ purpose?  To improve the financial standing of individuals, launch and sustain small businesses, and generate economic activity that strengthens entire neighborhoods.

When was the RISE Financial Pathways’ founded? March 1993

Which areas does the RISE Financial Pathways’ serve? South Los Angeles

What services does the RISE Financial Pathways’ provide? Small business lending and asset development. [Read more…]

South LA Democratic Space: Community Financial Resource Center

Rudy Espinoza, Senior Program Officer, Local Economic Development Initiatives of Community Financial Resource Center.

CFRC is a financial resource for building business and community together.

Late into the night along Slauson Avenue, on a corner that could easily feel unsafe, a single food truck has repurposed the urban space. With lights and food, the parking lot is transformed — bringing in revenue, but also conversation and quite likely reducing crime. Rudy of CFRC positions this democratic space at the intersection of community economic development, reenvisioning public space, and increasing opportunity for historically underserved residents.

Rudy, who has worked in South LA for a year and half, and in other Los Angeles neighborhoods for eight years, believes the corner near Slauson and Broadway is curiously democratic because “the space is repurposed at night by local entrepreneurs — not only making the street alive and vibrant, but making it safer. They are ‘eyes on the street’.”

Durante las horas de la noche, un lote de estacionamiento en la Avenida Slauson es transformado en un área comercial donde no solamente se vende comida, pero también se fomenta un sentido de comunidad, creando oportunidades para residentes que han sido historicamente marginados.

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