Radical radishes and more at Crenshaw garden

by Kevin Rivera, Crenshaw Digital Media Team

The Crenshaw High School Garden is definitely on the road to being beautiful as it can be with all of our natural plants and vegetables blossoming. So far there have been beautifications done along with some major clean-ups around the garden. The Crenshaw High School Digital Media Team, our horticulturist Mrs. Lauri Burrier and our sponsor Ms. Daphne Bradford have been taking care of our broccoli, cabbages, tomatoes, and radishes. My peers and I assisted in pulling unwanted weeds near our radishes so that they wouldn’t make the rest of our garden look unattractive. image

The radishes we planted during the Martin Luther King Jr. day of service back in January surprisingly popped out of the ground this month, with some of them ready to be harvested. Before picking our salad-ready-veggies, everyone checked and observed the radishes size, color, and texture. From a glance, the radishes have grown very naturally and firm. They were so extremely red that we all decided to call our radishes “Radical.” A few of the Radical Radishes were a deep beet red and a bright ripe pink color. After getting a first pick of them, followed by a bath to remove the dirt, the Crenshaw Digital Media Team had the chance to taste our Radical Radishes. image

With a delicious crunchy taste along a spicy flavor for the red ones and a sour taste for the pink ones, these radishes are like no others you’ll find from any supermarket, especially since these were eaten fresh from the earth. With all our efforts of growing a wonderful garden our broccoli, cabbages and tomatoes will be ready to be harvested soon so the community can get a chance to taste every radical veggie being grown at the Crenshaw High School garden.

Crenshaw garden cleanup honors Dr. King

More than 150 volunteers honored the memory and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on January 17h by weeding, tilling and planting at the Crenshaw High School Garden.

Organizing for America (OFA) sponsored the Martin Luther King Day of service and is a major supporter of Mother Of Many’s Change What You Eat, Change How You Feel healthy eating campaign led by the Crenshaw Digital Media Team.

Monday’s event had Crenshaw students, teachers and parents, along with volunteers from OFA and community members out working in the hot sun to beautify the 2.5 acre garden space, which hasn’t been fully used since the 1990s.

Watch a slideshow of the garden cleanup:

The garden cleanup was speaheaded by OFA’s Mary Jane Stevenson, Mother of Many’s Daphne Bradford and Crenshaw teacher Sandra Luna. The cleanup comes just days before the Crenshaw Digital Media Team will host a “Let’s Move” visit with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Regional IX Director Herb Schultz. Schultz, who will visit the garden on January 20, 2011, was recently appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as Regional Director at the U.S. Department of HHS Region IX. His visit is the result of the Mother Of Many Journey to the White House trip where the Crenshaw Digital Media Team toured the White House garden and delivered a pitch requesting the opportunity to partner with the First Lady in support of Mrs. Obama’s Let’s Move initiative.

Mr. Schultz will discuss how the students can partner with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in supporting the Let’s Move four pillars:
1) Help parents make healthy family choices
2) Create healthy schools
3) Provide access to healthy and affordable food
4) Promote physical activity

To donate to Mother of Many’s Crenshaw High School Garden project, click here.