Huntington Park fans react to Mexico’s World Cup loss + New York’s “Ghetto Film School” comes to South LA


NBC: Fans of Mexico’s soccer team gather, watch, and commiserate in Huntington Park after Sunday’s World Cup loss.

LA Times: New York’s “Ghetto Film School” brings its unique approach to teaching filmmaking to South L.A.

KTLA: A shooting in Inglewood lead to one death and a wounded police officer.

CurbedLA: The upcoming Crenshaw line project has another stop established, this one with bells and whistles.

Crenshaw line now shutting down Century Boulevard for bridge demo + The smells of Los Angeles, South LA included


Century Bridge to be demod for Crenshaw Line

DailyBreeze: Construction of the Crenshaw light rail line will now entail shutting down Century Blvd for two days to demolish a bridge.

Vocativ: An exhibit at the Santa Monica Museum of art will attempt to recreate the smells of Los Angeles. Spoiler alert! The artist’s South L.A. smell is “metallic heat and hydraulic fluid.”

Modesto Bee: The upcoming distribution of driver’s licenses to immigrants who arrived in the country illegally stirs debate on issuance rules.

CBS: A teenager with autism goes missing from his home in South L.A.

LA Times: Foster parents and group home staff can now undergo training to aid them in identifying and helping children who might be victims of sex trafficking.

Can a transit line transform South Los Angeles?

imageBy Anita Little

In the opening scene of the film Crash, one of the characters laments on how there is “no sense of touch” in Los Angeles. “In L.A. nobody touches you, we’re always behind this metal and this glass.”

The prevalence of driving in Los Angeles is one of its most identifying characteristics. Everyone here drives and in order to survive in the City of Angels, you need wheels to be your wings.

However, some low-income and minority segments of Los Angeles do not own cars. For decades, this has denied them access to goods and employment in other parts of the city. City planners and urban advocates have pushed for the development of more viable mass transit in Los Angeles and with the building of the Crenshaw Light Rail, disenfranchised communities are now on the verge of greater mobility and, perhaps, an enhanced quality of life.

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