Fire destroys South LA businesses + Breaking down South LA violence

Firefighters follow up at the Church fire.

Firefighters responded to a fire in an industrial area early Wednesday morning. (Intersections South LA)

Chunk of city block destroyed by fast-moving flames in South L.A.: Several businesses were destroyed Wednesday morning after a fire in an industrial neighborhood in South LA began. Firefighters are unsure of the extent of the damage at this point in time. (LA Times)
Facing the Challenge of Violence in South LA: Rising violence in South LA has attracted media attention across the country. But understanding the history of South LA and the current climate is crucial for deciphering risks and making the neighborhoods safer for residents. (Huffington Post)

West Adams church fire aftermath

Firefighters follow up at the Church fire.

Firefighters follow up at the Church fire.

Burnt fragments of wood and stained glass are all that remain after the fire destroyed Crouch Memorial Church of God in Christ in West Adams.¬†Today, construction workers sawed off what was left of the roofless structure. The Los Angeles Fire Department continued its evaluation of Tuesday’s fire that injured three firefighters. Chief Flegal of the Battalion 1 unit revisited the scene today.

To hear observations from Flegal and other onlookers, listen to an audio story from Annenberg Radio News:

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Church and apartment building catch fire in South LA

There was a smell of smoke in the air outside of the church and apartment building that caught fire early Sunday morning.
But besides the smell and some police line tape, the building looked to be in relatively good condition.
The building, located on 109th Street and Broadway, is the New Life Christian Church on the first floor and apartments on the second.  The fire was reported at 1:25am Monday morning, reports City News Service.
The fire left one man critically injured and three other adults and two children suffered from smoke inhalation, reports City News Service.
Here are a few pictures of how the building looks now.