Activists “occupy” foreclosure auction


By Jacob Hay, Good Jobs LA

More than 50 activists organized by Occupy LA and Good Jobs LA disrupted Bank of America’s auction of 7,000 homes – including homes in South LA – at the Norwalk Courthouse. The protest took place last Friday, December 2.
As Bank of America sold the homes of LA families to the highest bidder, protestors chanted “banks got bailed out, we got sold out,” “keep LA families in their homes” and held signs declaring “we are the 99%”. Activists also set up tents – a symbol of the occupy movement – in middle of the auction.

“We are here to stop Wall Street banks from throwing people out of their homes,” said Laura Jamie, a South LA resident who attended the protest. “My community has already been devastated by the foreclosure crisis and today Bank of America is making the problem worse. I’ve heard them auctioning off homes in my own neighborhood – on streets I drive down every day.”

The group called for a moratorium on foreclosures and for Bank of America and other Wall Street banks to end the practices that crashed the economy and continue to hurt LA communities.