Community reacts to Fredrick Martin’s death

imageListen to the audio story from Annenberg Radio News:

By Kunal Bambawale

Enough is enough. That’s the Inglewood community’s reaction to Fred Martin’s death.

Inglewood police say that Martin shooting was one of three unrelated incidents that night. Martin was the only one to lose his life, but five others were injured, including his eight year-old son, Tre. It’s the kind of senseless violence that has saddened Inglewood residents like Michael Washington.

“Every time gun violence occurs in a city, it’s one of those things that eats your heart a little bit. There needs to be more done.”

Fred Martin’s death has clearly touched a nerve in the Inglewood community. But it’s unclear whether this will lead to lasting reform. For now, the only reminder of Fred Martin’s bravery is that Tre is still alive.

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