South LA Democratic Space: The Children’s Nature Institute

Kelly Decker, Executive Director of The Children’s Nature Institute.

The Children’s Nature Institute (CNI) works to inspire the minds of children through nature. Children in LA may grow up near the ocean, but never touch a marine creature. At the marine touch tank inside CNI’s home at the Magnolia Place Family Center, Kelly Decker shows how the tank anchors a democratic space by tapping into the “visceral curiosity of children… coming from uncertainty into love.”

Democratic spaces to Kelly emphasize equality. Here in LA, CNI is offering urban children more equal access to nature, providing a launch pad to ownership and sharing the knowledge that the planet belongs to everyone one of us.

Kelly who has worked in South LA for 12 years describes how “we at CNI believe it’s important to include the ocean world in your life as an everyday urban resident. We want this to be an everyday experience, because it’s important to share with our families in South LA and we want to find out how this democratic space which belongs to the community works in relationship to families and children who find it interesting to them.”

Children’s Nature Institute se dedica a inspirar las mentes de los niños a través de la naturaleza. CNI le ofrece a los niños de Los Ángeles más acceso a la naturaleza con su tanque marino dentro del Magnolia Place Family Center, compartiendo el mensaje que el planeta nos pertenece a todos nosotros.

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