South LA Democratic Space: SCOPE

Manuel Hernandez, Lead Organizer of SCOPE.

Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education builds grassroots power to eliminate the structural barriers to social and economic opportunities for poor and disenfranchised communities through community organizing, leadership development, strategic alliance building, research, training and capacity building, and policy advocacy at the local, state and national levels.

SCOPE’s leadership development includes their organizing team working with local youth from local schools such as the William and Carol Ouchi independent charter high school.

Manuel who has worked in South LA for 14 years choose Ouchi high school as a democratic space “because some of our younger members of SCOPE attend this school and they have been really instrumental in participating in the organization, membership meetings, and overall a pleasure to have at SCOPE. I believe that education is key in anything that we do in our everyday lives and if our community is informed about the issues that affect them, it’s key to making a difference.”

SCOPE fortalece el poder comunitario que elimina las barreras estructurales para oportunidades sociales y económicas a través de la organización comunitaria, el desarrollo de liderazgo, y la creación de capacidad. Su equipo trabaja con escuelas locales como la escuela independiente William y Carol Ouchi.

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